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I have a documented reading disability and I’m wondering if there are provisions that might accommodate my needs. 





The Learning Commons is a member of Bookshare, an ebook service which makes reading easier for the print and visually impaired. Individuals with a documented reading or visual disability can request for an account to be set-up for them. Account holders will be able to access different tools such as text-to-audio, large print, dyslexic font, etc. These tools can be accessed directly within the browser, there is no need to download an app.

Access to the ebooks are mediated, which means that users will be able to search for books on the platform, but library staff will need to enable your access on a title-by-title basis.

Please let library staff know whether you would like for an account to be set-up.

For further information on accessibility resources consult our Accessibility Resources guide.




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